Cough and Cold Problem, What You Should Do

Coughing is a vital reflex of the body, usually caused by the presence of some foreign body in the airways or inhalation of toxic substances.

Dry coughs, catarrh cough and allergic cough may still be one of the symptoms related to influenza, cold, pneumonia, bronchitis, pertussis and many other illnesses. The consumption of syrups, honey and antitussive medications can often cure the cough, although this is only really cured by eliminating its cause.

Common Cough Causes

Some situations that favor the installation and the persistence of the cough can be:

  • Flu or cold;

  • Sinusitis;

  • Rhinitis, laryngitis or pharyngitis;

  • Acute bronchitis;

  • Asthma attack;

  • Bronchiectasis;

  • Exposure to allergy-causing substances such as pollen or mites;

  • Side effect of medicines for the heart;

  • Pneumonia;

  • Edema or pulmonary embolism.

So to know what may be causing coughing should be noted if there are other symptoms present that can help in diagnosis and inform the doctor.

The doctor may order some tests such as the respiratory function test, spirometry, bronchial provocation test and peak expiratory flow. If more serious illnesses are suspected, chest x-ray and face x-ray examinations may be performed.

Types of cough

There are several types of cough, the main ones are:

Allergic cough

Allergic cough is characterized by a persistent dry cough that occurs whenever the individual is exposed to what he is allergic to, which may be cat’s or dog’s hair, dust or pollen from flowers or certain plants, for example. Your treatment can be done by taking antihistamine medicines such as Hixizine, but it is important to avoid contact with the allergen so that the cough is actually cured.

Dry cough

Dry cough may be caused by irritation of the throat caused by inhaling smoke, cigarettes or foreign objects into the airways, for example, and finding out its cause is critical to successful treatment. Water is a good natural remedy that can help in the treatment of dry cough as it will keep the throat moisturised by soothing the cough.

Cough with catarrh

Coughing with catarrh can be caused by respiratory illnesses, such as the flu, cold or respiratory infection, for example. In this case it comes accompanied by other symptoms such as body pain and sometimes fever. Their treatment can be done with the use of cough medicines that help in the elimination of the phlegm, but always under medical guidance to avoid complications.

Cough remedies

Some examples of cough remedies are:

  • Syrup vick

  • Codeine

  • MelagriĆ£o

  • Hixizine

Cough medicines should only be used under medical supervision, since if the individual is coughing with phlegm and taking a medication that inhibits coughing, the phlegm may accumulate in the lungs causing complications such as pneumonia and the individual is having an allergic cough and taking expectorant cough remedies, it will have no results.

Home Cough Treatment

In addition to the consumption of medicines prescribed by the doctor, for the home treatment of cough is advised:

  • Do not sleep with wet hair;

  • Keep feet warm by using socks;

  • Keep the throat always well hydrated, ingesting water constantly;

  • Avoid staying in places with draft;

  • Dress appropriately according to the season of the year;

  • Avoid staying in dusty places.

These care are simple to follow and can help control dry, allergic or phlegm cough. However, if the cough persists for more than 7 days, a doctor should be consulted.

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